Paramedic / Emergency Response Coordinator


We have recently expanded our services and now offer casual contract paramedics/ERC specialists.

Our paramedics:

  • Are a minimum of degree trained (Bachelors of paramedical science) and
  • Have a wealth of experience on mine sites and in an occupational environment. 
  • Our paramedics / Rescue technicians specialise in Emergency Care.
  • Primary Healthcare.
  • Injury on duty management.
  • Occupational Safety. (Cert 4 in OHS, BSB41412)
  • Ongoing Training of your ERT members.(Cert 4 in TAE 40110))
  • Able to deal with real Emergencies on your minesite. ( Hazmat , Hazchem and cert 3 in mines rescue certified) 
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing certified. (HLTPAT304D / HLTPAT410D)
  • Some of our staff were full time in the State Fire and Emergency Services before becoming paramedics.


  • Our daily rates are extremely competitive.

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