22556VIC + 22300VIC

Childcare - 22556VIC Asthma and 22300VIC Anaphylaxis




Online + 30 minutes Face to Face


Pre course study + 30 minutes face to face

Deliv by Allens White LimeGreen 15AUG19

This course is a skill set combination course designed for child care workers containing the following units: 

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid response, life support, management of casualty(s), the incident and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance and provide advance training in the use of auto injectors for the treatment of anaphylaxis and the advance treatments associated with Asthma.

Course Requirements

  • There are no prerequisite, entry, work-placement, licencing or certification requirements for this course.

  • Students are not required to bring any materials or equipment with them to the course.

  • Students must provide proof of identity when they attend the practical session.

Award Issued  Training and Assessment conducted on behalf of Allens Traing RTO 90909

Students who successfully complete this nationally recognised training will be awarded the statement of attainment from Allens Training for: 

  • 22556VIC Course in the Management of Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the Workplace

  • 22300VIC Course in first aid management of anaphylaxis

Recertification Requirements

  • It is recommended this unit be renewed every 3 years in line with industry standards.

Initial Course duration

  • Full course: 6 hours face to face training

  • Full course: Completion of pre-course study plus 3 hours practical training

  • Refresher course: 6 hours face to face training

  • Refresher course: Completion pre-course study plus 3 hours practical training

Important information regarding course durations

Course durations, as mentioned above, are reflective of group sizes of between 4 and 15 participants. If there are less students in a group, you may find course duration reduced by a maximum of 10%. If a class size exceeds 15 participants it may therefore also be necessary to increase course duration depending on the number of participants.

Pre course study options

The following option is available for completing the pre-course study;

Students attending our flexible delivery combined Asthma and Anaphylaxis courses must complete both pre-course workbooks PRIOR to their practical session. As part of our contribution to the environment we offer an online workbook when completing our flexible delivery option.

You must take the evidence from your pre-course study to the practical training session.

NEW OPTION: See calendar below to book your practical session now

Online delivery with face to face Practical assessment – self paced online learning with a scheduled 30-minute face to face practical assessment.

Student Handbook ( Learners rights, responsibility and support, including complaints)

Please read and review this information prior to undertaking your training with Allens Training or an Allens Training Partner  https://www.allenstraining.com.au/students/student-handbook.aspx  

Refund and cancellation policy

Emcare is happy to re-schedule your course to another day and time of your choosing or provide a refund of your course fees. An administration fee of $20 will be taken off your payment to cover our bank and admin fees if cancelling your booking within not less than 24 hours of your course booking. This is to be done in writing (email to firstaid@emcare.com.au) If you fail to attend or do not provide email notification within 24 hours of your booked course your full course fees will forfeited, unless extreme circumstances of your cancellation / failure to attend can be demonstrated.

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Please come to the address on your invitation that will be emailed to you.

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